mokumoku’s new move!!

We are launching an apparel brand with our German friends. The prototype of T-shirts and shopping bags made with organic cotton is now being produced. The concept is to be sustainable and personal, which has been a central theme of mokumoku studio. 

Our friends started Sneakers-Unplugged which is a retail store of vegan and eco-friendly sneakers made with sustainable production methods. We are collaborating with them to roll this out with the basic motto of “designed in Japan & produced in Germany”. 

Some prototypes displayed in a pop-up store of Sneaker-Unplugged as a trial. 

Tomoko from mokumoku studio

I’ve been commissioned to make a storyboard

I’ve been commissioned to make a storyboard which will be used in a presentation for a national level event. 

I’m so thankful that Mr. O found me and my talent also Mr. A introduced me to the person who is organizing the event. 

When I saw some collections of storyboards made by Studio Ghibli I felt that the staged expressions of time and space activate the special imagination that I don’t usually use.