mokumoku studio moved!!

Our studio is now located in Nishi-ogikubo!

We are hoping to create the true mokumoku studio in this town where people who cherish art and culture live so we can be who we really are. 

We want to make this place for many stories to be heard, expressed and created. Hopefully, we can have an open studio type of event soon.

Drop by anytime!! Seriously anytime!!

Tomoko from mokumoku studio

Happy New Year!!

2020 was a year of changes for us mokumoku studio.

We launched mokumoku studio back in April this year. Having been impacted by the pandemic, it was difficult to go out to do PR activities. We were almost forced to show artwork on social media but it brought us some mysterious yet wonderful connection with people, which helped us to be more confident with our work. There were chances to realize how strangely unpredictable a life is and also made us even more appreciate the relationships we have.

A lot of us were pressured to reconsider the path of our lives and the working style. mokumoku also struggled to find out how and what we should create.

Even though the time made us stagger, we want to continue making art pieces which throw light on negligible yet precious individual stories. Like when we find a warm light peeking through curtains. Like when we noticed that the moon light is stronger than the street lights.

In 2021, we would like to nurture our concept while being always reactive to unpredictable chemical reactions which could bring something surprising and interesting.

More importantly, we will continue to make efforts to deliver you good art which makes you smile.

mokumoku studio January 1st, 2021 

mokumoku’s new move!!

We are launching an apparel brand with our German friends. The prototype of T-shirts and shopping bags made with organic cotton is now being produced. The concept is to be sustainable and personal, which has been a central theme of mokumoku studio. 

Our friends started Sneakers-Unplugged which is a retail store of vegan and eco-friendly sneakers made with sustainable production methods. We are collaborating with them to roll this out with the basic motto of “designed in Japan & produced in Germany”. 

Some prototypes displayed in a pop-up store of Sneaker-Unplugged as a trial. 

Tomoko from mokumoku studio