My obsession series #1 “crazy socks”

Nobody requested it but I voluntarily talk about things I have obsessively loved in this series. Today, I would like to write about my love for crazy socks. 

I’m trying to think when this love started. 

When I was a high school student, the word “joshi kosei”, a highschool girl, saw its peak. The baggy and long white loose socks and short skirts of school uniforms were the symbols of joshi kosei at that time. 

I remember there was a sort of peer pressure to wear white loose socks and blend in with the other school girls who were dressed the same way as you do. Although the pressure was uncomfortable, I didn’t hate wearing them. But one day my friend and I found the black loose socks being sold and I couldn’t resist buying them. I believe I’m the first one who started wearing black loose socks in my school or even in the city of Hiroshima, which by the way became trendy afterwards. 

It was extremely pleasant to be a bit different from others. So I started trying different colors as well. The acceleration for the love of socks continued. 

I strongly believe that socks and shoes are the key point of fashion in general. That’s why I spend so much money and time looking for crazy socks. I keep buying new ones and keeping old favorite ones even if they got holes. Once I love a pair, it’s not easy to let them go just because they are ripped. Still wearable. The holes are not visible if I wear shoes anyway. 

That’s why the drawer where I keep my socks is always full. More than full. I sometimes need to take everything out and organize them. Today is the day.

I love sock shopping when I travel overseas. I love wearing a simple dress and vivid socks that stand out. There should not be any rule of choosing the right socks for the right fashion. This society is very demanding when it comes down to the right clothes for formal occasions like business. I feel that pressure as well but I don’t want to forget to rebel by wearing crazy socks all of the time. 

I have a thing for crazy stockings and tights as well. I might write about them next.

Tomoko kakeda

Many thanks from mokumoku

We are now preparing to send out postcards to the people who took part in our corona manga project, which finished its daily uploads on May 6th. 

We are so happy that we got to collaborate and make art with the people who told us their stories. Literally, it is mokumoku studio’s heart to create art with individual stories like we did.

We are so thankful that they kindly trusted us and told us their stories. These are the connections that we will keep treating like treasures. 

tomoko kakeda

Why can’t racism be eliminated? Black lives matter

When I was in my elementary school, I remember looking at the picture of separated restrooms designated for the colors of their skins. The image of black women passing by public restrooms with some English sign put up was striking. At that time, rather than feeling what is good and what is evil, the image left a strong impression on me and without me knowing, the descrimination became latent in me. I learned the ethical thinking through watching movies like “Roots”, “42”, “Power of One”, “Invictus”, and “12 Years a Slave”.

Now we take a lot of things granted and consider them as common sense. But viewpoints change drastically if you stand in a different era. It is more than a half century apart but “stay home”, “wear masks” and “luxuries are your enemy” from WW2 are somewhat connected. 

The discrimination is bad. This simple fact can be violated often. But it is very hard to see each other’s unconscious mind if always separated by sides. If I strongly urge my justice of the community that I’m taking the side, the voice can be a harmful weapon. I would like to keep updating my thoughts and doubting whether it is somewhat biased or not, and always think what if things happen within 30cm radius from me.