mokumoku makes
picture books and art.

  • mokumoku studio moved!!
    Our studio is now located in Nishi-ogikubo! We are hoping to create the true mokumoku studio in this town wher […]
  • Echoing
    If you keep bluffing all the time, sometimes the empty words become reality. Speaking of bluffs, the most […]
  • Happy New Year!!
    2020 was a year of changes for us mokumoku studio. We launched mokumoku studio back in April this year. Having […]
  • mokumoku’s new move!!
    We are launching an apparel brand with our German friends. The prototype of T-shirts and shopping bags made wi […]
  • I’ve been commissioned to make a storyboard
    I’ve been commissioned to make a storyboard which will be used in a presentation for a national level ev […]
  • mokumoku studio is mentioned in Ryan Holmberg’s book!!
    mokumoku studio went to TACO ché at Nakano Broadway to get Ryan Holmberg’s THE TRANSLATOR WITHOUT TALENT […]
  • Painting on the walls
    The other day, mokumoku studio was commissioned to paint on the walls of an IT company’s office in Tokyo […]
  • Edo, Tokyo and Chicago
    About a month ago, a beautiful chain reaction happened to us.  We loved it so much and are still very exc […]
  • The UKIYO-E 2020
    mokumoku studio visited Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum a few days ago. The exhibition we went for is titled &#8 […]
  • Night after night
    Chikara has been preparing for the new project. As trying various styles and materials, he turned a corner of […]
  • Yesterday not so far away
    I’ve organized an art event at a place very close to the hypocenter of the a-bombing in Hiroshima. Altho […]
  • mokumoku studio’s manga was introduced in the historical media in the US!!
    mokumoku studio is mentioned in Ryan Holmberg’s essay “More Corona Cartoons, Japan” at The C […]