If you keep bluffing all the time, sometimes the empty words become reality. 
Speaking of bluffs, the most famous man known for in the US failed to make it real. 

In the spring last year, I made a manga about a wealthy man. The setting of his character is impractical and his words are full of contradictions. 

There are so many aspects in one thing. But if a ray of light keeps shedding on only one aspect, it will burn just like concentrating the sun’s energy with a magnifying glass. 
But it makes you feel better saying the same things other people are saying and sometimes it’s even enjoyable; just like chatting about a funny TV show in a class room. 

But the masses find the seemingly absolutely right things and make a buzz. 
I feel that the chain of the seemingly absolutely right things are making the world much smaller than it is. 

The world will collapse if the politicians running the country say only bluffs. They would be only criticized. 
If this was happening in Japan, when the role of a bad guy disappears from the stage, maybe we would not notice the essence of things does not lay in him. 

We assume that there is conspiracy in everything happening in this world. 

Like clusters. 

I want to refrain from the habit to be attracted to go to a bright space.
Someone’s seemingly right tweets are echoing, always.