Painting on the walls

The other day, mokumoku studio was commissioned to paint on the walls of an IT company’s office in Tokyo. 

The request was to make a sumi-ink type of painting with some illustrated images of things the company is developing. 

We are of course used to painting on paper and even ipad but didn’t have many chances to paint on the walls. When you think of sumi-ink painting, you often see the smudge effects and the blurring touch with lots of water used but it is difficult to reproduce that on slippery walls…. so we used sponges and brushes to convey the sumi-ink touch. We were so concentrated that didn’t realize it was so late and we were hungry. 

The office itself is quite unique. It’s got shoji windows and chandeliers.. we believe our painting added a nice spice to it!! Most importantly, the client was very happy with the work we did so we are happy about it!!  

We are hoping to have another opportunity like this and also realized how fun it is to make a large scale painting…