It makes me happiest when the person who I drew is happy with the work I made.
When I’m making manga, I always repeat having dialogues with that person, find an answer and make it manga

So it is very rewarding to hear the word “I like it”. It almost feels like I got the right answer to a quiz, with the ding sing sound effect. Maybe he or she would be surprised to know how much and how deeply I think about that person until the completion, spending a significant amount of time. Almost to the point where I have never thought about that person that much ever since we met.

Of course I want many people to read it, which is not going too well.
The only way, I believe, is to repeat trial and error persistently and keep doing this.

But, I’m happy when the person who I drew gives me a compliment.
It’s almost like our relationship flipped upside down. It feels like I confess what I feel about the person and hear the answer back. It is like I try to reach my hand to get a handshake.

There might not be any use of this in society. That is exactly why I’m doing this.


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