the grand finale

Today, mokumoku studio released the last episode of the corona manga documentary project as the grand finale. This was in a way the first large project we did since we relaunched mokumoku studio.

Given this global pandemic, we thought about what we can do as artists and decided to document the voices we hear in this unprecedented time. We have been so motivated to express the stories we heard from people as each of them was very different.

mokumoku studio was launched as hoping to be the platform to collaborate with people and incorporate their stories and make art of them. This time we got to create 26 art pieces collaboratively with the 26 people. It must have been very hard to verbalize some of the feelings and experiences. We are so thankful that people trusted us and let us hear their stories.

As mokumoku studio, we strongly feel that we need to continue making something that can touch viewers’ hearts and deliver art to you all however the world changes and what the world values in the next coming post corona era. Thank you very much for reading our manga for 26 days!! See you all very soon!