Welcome to mokumoku studio!

We are excited to announce our official website and Facebook page now launched!

What is mokumoku studio??
Mokumoku studio makes picture books and various types of art. We have been striving to create picture books that both children and adults can enjoy and art work that gives viewers the triggers to reflect on themselves. Also we are planing to coordinate and facilitate art workshops where you can casually interact with visual art.

How did mokumoku studio start and where is it heading to?
With Chikara, a painter, one of the founders and my partner/ boyfriend, mokumoku studio actively worked in Hiroshima. I have now joined as a new member and PR and mokumoku studio is relaunching and expanding activities to Tokyo and the world.

Check out our new official site!
On our new official website, we are going to post blogs where Chikara draws and writes about current artwork he is working on, his daily thoughts and his lifestyle as an artist. Also please come visit our Facebook page! We want those pages to become a place where we can share what we are excited about everyday and the process of making art with you all.

What can we do as an artist…
I have been thinking what I can do like everyone else is thinking one way or another.
This time that I got offered unpredictably, when I don’t have work at all, is giving me an opportunity to get rid off the fixed concepts and stereotypes which have accumulated on me overtime even though I tried to avoid them. I believe Art for me is the best way to confront them and starting to work as member of mokumoku studio will encourage me to do that even more.

Mokumoku studio is a platform that brings connections.
We want to convey each one of your voice and story with art. We want to collaborate with you.
Collaborating and communicating in a state like this are very important and vital. I hope mokumoku studio and these pages can bridge between us and you and connect our voices.

Please look forward to mokumoku studio’s activities!

Tomoko Kakeda