Why can’t racism be eliminated? Black lives matter

When I was in my elementary school, I remember looking at the picture of separated restrooms designated for the colors of their skins. The image of black women passing by public restrooms with some English sign put up was striking. At that time, rather than feeling what is good and what is evil, the image left a strong impression on me and without me knowing, the descrimination became latent in me. I learned the ethical thinking through watching movies like “Roots”, “42”, “Power of One”, “Invictus”, and “12 Years a Slave”.

Now we take a lot of things granted and consider them as common sense. But viewpoints change drastically if you stand in a different era. It is more than a half century apart but “stay home”, “wear masks” and “luxuries are your enemy” from WW2 are somewhat connected. 

The discrimination is bad. This simple fact can be violated often. But it is very hard to see each other’s unconscious mind if always separated by sides. If I strongly urge my justice of the community that I’m taking the side, the voice can be a harmful weapon. I would like to keep updating my thoughts and doubting whether it is somewhat biased or not, and always think what if things happen within 30cm radius from me.